Save 50–70% with 3¢ Color Copies

Reduce the cost of color copies with advanced Kyocera technology. You no longer have to pay for full color coverage every time you print in color. Now, you can be billed based on the amount of color coverage being used. There are no tricks or gadgets, nothing extra for you to do… the technology automatically reads your usage and records it accordingly so you don't overpay.

Don't Over Pay

Annual Cost Comparison

Color Copies Savings

Most Companies Pay 10¢ or More Per Page for Color Copies

You could be saving thousands of dollars a year with the Coordinated 3¢ Color Program.
Calculate your potential savings.

Color Copies Example Your Company
Average number per month 5,000
Average cost per color copy .10¢
Monthly savings paying only 3¢
Annual savings paying only 3¢

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